Davide Ambrogio (b. 1990) is a Calabrian singer and multi-instrumentalist. Born and raised in Cataforìo, a little village in Calabria, southern Italy, he is based in Rome.

After learning and practicing traditional and modern instruments, he focused mainly on singing, developing his technique, and studying the aesthetics of the oral tradition.

He has worked with many Italian artists and is currently involved in his solo project "Evocazioni e Invocazioni"; “LinguaMadre” an original production prized with Premio Nazionale Città di Loano per la Musica Tradizionale Italiana, Premio Andrea Parodi di Cagliari and Mare e Miniere,  "Ô Sud!", a musical exhibition by Xavier Rebut about the oral polyphonic traditions of southern Italy, and Etnomusa,  a  traditional music orchestra of the La Sapienza University of Rome.
He has played in music festivals in Italy, France, Belgium, and Poland such as SponzFest, Musicultura, Premio Parodi, Mare e Miniere, Les Suds d’Arles, Le Plancher, Festival du Cinema Mediterraneé and Radio Krakow.
In 2020 he was awarded the Premio Ethnos Gener/azioni 2020 in Naples and Premio Musica contro le Mafie.