Musical exhibition of polyphonies and chants from the oral tradition of southern by Xavier Rebut with Michele Manca, Germana Mastropasqua e Davide Ambrogio.


Ô Sud! Xavier Rebut, like a cantastorie - those storytellers who travelled through towns and villages to tell recent events and folklore tales - takes us with his fellow travelers on a journey through all the different Italian Souths. From Sicily to Calabria to Lazio, from Puglia to Molise, without forgetting Sardinia, the landscapes are made of poetry: the poetry of popular singers who sang the phases of daily life and their world undergoing deep change.

Xavier Rebut, singer and composer, an adoptive Roman. and lover of Italian popular music since hearing it for the first time, creates a tribute concert to the music of the Meridione, the great Italian south. The polyphonies and other songs from the oral tradition, punctuated by the sounds of the lyre, flutes, tambourine and Calabrian zampogna, are the result of field observations and research of sound archives. Popular singers and poets are honored in a repertoire composed of stories, persons, and places met along the way.

Xavier and his companions fill the venue of the concert with unique harmonies, mixing different vocal timbres and often untempered notes. As their voices resonate, the audience is taken on a wonderful journey through a land rich in languages, diversity, history, and intertwined cultures such as southern Italy can be. A bit of south, of tanti sud! It will make you want to go there and always keep a piece of it with you, close to your heart.