Premio Loano – Premio Parodi – Mare e Miniere 2019

In 1955, Pier Paolo Pasolini published his Canzoniere Italiano: a journey through folk poetry and its many languages. He published it in the very years the dialects were slowly but steadily losing ground to standard Italian as mother tongue for most of the population. LinguaMadre’s four young musicians have created musics for those poems. The concept of “mother” is the fil rouge of this project: the mother is the theme of most of the lyrics of the Canzoniere, which is written in a variety of mother tongues.

Elsa Martin: voice. Davide Ambrogio: voice, guitar, lyra. Simone Bottasso: accordion, electronics. Nicolò Bottasso: violin, trumpet.


Musaica moves on a double track: reinterpreting traditions and creating new music under the inspiration of traditional folk music. Musaica stems from EtnoMuSa, a project sponsored by the University of Rome. The band members, with their different musical education and experiences, are united by a shared approach to folk music. Musaica does not only play a vast repertoire of folk music but tries to recreate and foster the atmospheres that lie behind the notes.